inside the .fig

  • Priyank's work ethic, performance and diligence exceeded my expectations, and he would always happily over deliver on every project at Mizko Media.

    Michael Wong

    Founder, Designership

  • It is amazing how quickly Priyank can take complex problems and make them effortlessly simple, a talent and finesse that not all designers possess.

    Ram Budime

    CBDO, ShiftBits

  • Priyank is a great problem solver. I’m consistently impressed by his ability to take complex outlines and turn them into visually engaging designs.

    Stephen Wise

    Founder, DemandFlow

  • Even if the project was complex and early stage, Priyank demonstrated to me that he is a good problem solver.

    Julien Fischer

    Creative Director & Brand Consultant

  • Working on projects big and small, Priyank just puts the effort needed to get it of the ground. I think he is a bit too much into a single style and can improve upon that.

    Denislav Jeliazkov

    Founder, UI Learn / Figura