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Web Design

Launchman is a tool for new businesses that want to get noticed on Google. With it, you can easily make, share, and improve the content on your website to attract more visitors from search engines.

Design team

Just Priyank


4 Weeks




Launchman started as an experimental concept, and the initial execution was only a demo without a clear identity or a consistent user experience. The client approached me to transform the entire concept into a web product. I found this project exciting because it was unlike anything I had worked on previously.

The goal was to deliver a promising brand and character to the product interface.

  • Priyank's work ethic, performance and diligence exceeded my expectations, and he would always happily over deliver on every project at Mizko Media.

    Michael Wong

    Founder, Designership

  • It is amazing how quickly Priyank can take complex problems and make them effortlessly simple, a talent and finesse that not all designers possess.

    Ram Budime

    CBDO, ShiftBits

  • Even if the project was complex and early stage, Priyank demonstrated to me that he is a good problem solver.

    Julien Fischer

    Creative Director & Brand Consultant

  • Working on projects big and small, Priyank just puts the effort needed to get it of the ground. I think he is a bit too much into a single style and can improve upon that.

    Denislav Jeliazkov

    Founder, UI Learn / Figura